One of the administration’s main commitments to our country is to tackle our national debt, currently well over $20 trillion due to the missteps of previous administrations- particularly those within the last decade. As of late, there have been many fallacious statements going around the mediasphere and the Internet regarding President Trump’s proposed budget plan. As such, we’ve developed comprehensive documents outlining the most important features of the President’s budget, along with easy to follow explanations of proposed reallocation of funds. Each week we will highlight four departments and their proposed changes, below are the first four.

  1. Defense Department
  2. This administration is completely and utterly dedicated to protecting our shores and our citizens. The proposed 37% increase in funding for the Defense department ensures this. This not only allows for increases in the size of the Army, the Marine Corps and the number of ships in the Navy’s fleet, but also introduces a Research and Development program that would commence the development of a Space Troops initiative. It also takes into consideration the Craft Beautification initiative: enhancing the aesthetics of our jets, ships and more to boost morale.
  3. Small Business Administration
  4. Small businesses are at the very core of what makes America, America. We have long seen the tenacity of small businesses and the independence that makes them so very special. To highlight and encourage this independence that is intrinsic to their very being, President Trump proposes a cut of 68% to the Small Business Administration.
  5. NASA
  6. The current administration hopes to see a complete shift in the focus of NASA. President Trump proposes a 46% increase of fund allocation to NASA so as to commence the mission often affectionately referred to as Manifest Destiny 2.0- setting out to claim extraterrestrial land to become new American territories.
  7. Environmental Protection Agency
  8. Americans have long since been fed exaggerations of the state of our environment. While the administration understands the importance of keeping our environment in good condition, the findings of the White House team of specialists and scientists indicate that the current spending pattern related to environmental issues is wholly unjustifiable. As such, the budget proposes slashing EPA funding by 98%.

The administration is confident that Congress will be in complete accordance with the President’s proposed budget plans. Stay tuned next week for a new set of highlights.