The Dangers of Renewable Energy
By Nicole Chin
The Office of Energy Re-Education
March 24, 2018

The current administration is working hard to ensure the American People are no longer fed lies by scientists and other officials about the so-called “benefits” of renewable energy.

In June, the Trump administration’s planned budget for 2018 included a cut to the funding for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of 99.87%. The funds previously allocated to this office will now be used to form a new, revolutionary office called the Office of Energy Re-Education. This department will focus on teaching the American People the benefits of non-renewable energy sources like coal, along with the grave dangers and disadvantages of renewable energy.

What are some of the dangers and disadvantages of renewable energy sources?

  1. Wind energy only works with wind speeds of 40 miles per hour and upwards. Below this, windmills are completely and utterly useless, often leaving families and companies without power for days on end.
  2. Windmills threaten certain American ecosystems. Many birds, including our beloved bald eagles, are killed by windmills every day. In 2017 a record number of 3,398 bald eagles were murdered by these machines- that amounts to 9.3 symbols of freedom killed per day.
  3. Solar panels pose numerous health risks. Solar panels actually increase the number of UV rays in an area, greatly increasing the risk of skin cancer and sunburn.
  4. Solar energy is not truly “renewable” and solar panels take up too much sunlight. This is damaging to our flora and fauna who depend on light from the sun to thrive.
  5. Big Clean Energy companies are scamming the American People. The American People are often told lies about how renewable energy is more cost effective than traditional sources. This is simply not true; consumers using traditional sources of energy can expect to pay only .23% of what they would pay using renewable energy.